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Why putting Mum's in the picture is my passion!

There are not many more important things in this world than family, and since becoming a Mother myself, I am incredibly aware of how many photos I take of my babies and how few I am in!

I was working away last year on my Mother's Day promotion and decided to share some of the personal stories that have helped make more of an effort to be IN the photos and looking back at them this year I thought that I'd share them here too.

These stories to me are real and raw and all about regret, grace and seizing the moment.

I’ve learnt a lot in my life but I think the most difficult lessons have been learnt over the last five or so years, and they have been the hardest lessons to let my heart move on from.

I’ve learnt about the role loss plays in our lives and the regret that it leaves behind. To this day I still think about the family session that was rescheduled multiple times by both of us - waiting for better weather, sick children to recover and my next trip to their part of the country, and then the moment I heard about a tragic accident and realised it was too late, that I will never be able to make it up to that family and give them the beautiful photos of them all together.

I still think about the newborn sessions that I would have done, if things had gone to plan. And every year during Santa sessions I miss a family who is one gorgeous little face down, who have found new ways to have Christmas that don’t include the celebrations that were started before his loss.

Those names, dates and memories are kept safe in my heart and whenever I feel myself feeling too full of grief I look to the beautiful Mums in my life to lead me out. Because if I have ever seen grace in my life, it has been at the hands of our Mums! They lead even when it’s too much to ask from them, they do it because they have to and I really don’t know where we’d be without them!

When we lost my sister I couldn’t believe how few recent photos I had with her, I cherish the ones I have of her meeting my oldest son and fiercely hold on to the memories of her crying when she met him and playing with him whenever she got the chance. But it made me realise how much for granted I still took my family - even after those heartbreaking years and I began reaching out to family and trying to plan extended family photos with my grandparents.

We left it too late for one of my beautiful Nan’s. Thankfully we have a multitude of happy snaps from Sunday morning teas after church, and a lifetime of memories to share with our baby’s about that white haired lady grinning as she cuddled and cooed over them, in fact they’re more precious in that they have her real smile in them which she would never do for posed photos!

I’m still working on the other sides of my families - and the last 12months have certainly not helped! But because of the amazing women in my life that 100% deserve to be celebrated and remembered in all their glory and grace I will make sure that I capture them!

I’ve learnt to make the most of the opportunities that come my way, especially the little moments that include cups of tea and connecting with the Mums who give me strength, even when they don’t know if they have any left to give.

If I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life before the last few years, it is crystal clear to me now that celebrating love, real and honest connections and family ties is where I need to be.

I have so many photos that capture the cheeky love between Mums and their babies that I want to share with you as well but for tonight I think I'll leave this post here, and just say that if you have a story that makes your heart ache a little and a beautiful family that makes your heart feel like bursting then let's book your session now --> https://offers-karenallambyphotography.com/mothers-day-opt-in and get together to capture some gorgeous memories for you to cherish.

Karen x

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